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Flange Coupling

Mobile machines mainly use I. C.-engines for their drive. With hydrostatic drives hydraulic pumps are directly coupled, with mobile compressors the compressor unit is directly driven. Both units are connected by a flange coupling. It has to comply with a number of specifications – primarily it has to transmit the power reliably so that the pending operations can be performed as requested.

BoWex® torsionally stiff flange coupling FLE-PA / FLE-PAC
BoWex FLE-PA and BoWex FLE-PAC are torsionally stiff curved-tooth flange couplings. The material combination of polyamide/steel enables maintenance-free permanent operation with severely beneficial friction coefficients of the teeth.

BoWex-ELASTIC® highly flexible flange couplings
The flange couplings BoWex-ELASTIC are highly flexible couplings combining the benefits of the renowned BoWex system with the elasticity of a highly flexible coupling in a compact design.

SINULASTIC® highly flexible flange couplings for versatile applications
KTR SINULASTIC is a modularly structured series of highly flexible flange couplings based on a disk-shaped coupling body. Four practical basic versions with individual properties cover a wide range of applications primarily for diesel engine drives, but also general drive tasks.

MONOLASTIC® one-piece, flexible flange couplings
The MONOLASTIC® coupling is a flexible flange coupling enabling compensation of radial and angular displacements with severely low restoring forces through the elastomer part.

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