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Backlash-free safety couplings

The design of our safety couplings is based on backlash-free, positive-locking ball engagement principles allowing for high repeatability and shaft reaction times through the entire service life.

Damage due to overload is reliably prevented and Maintenance-free Easy assembly and torque setting

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SYNTEX® backlash-free safety coupling
The safety couplings SYNTEX are overload couplings with positive-locking operation for torques up to 400 Nm. A special puched disk spring serves for transmitting the torque.

Backlash-free, torsionally stiff, High repeatability

SYNTEX®-NC backlash-free safety clutches
The backlash-free safety clutch SYNTEX-NC is an overload clutch with a low weight and mass inertia.

Large borehole diameter and assembly-friendly clamping ring version are further features of the extremely compact overload clutch. Our safety clutches are designed based on a backlash-free and positive locking ball-lock principle that allows high repetitive accuracy and short response times throughout the lifecycle.

KTR-SI Compact backlash-free safety coupling
The safety coupling KTR-SI Compact is a backlash-free torque limiter available in various types (as a flange type and in combination with a backlash-free coupling ROTEX GS) and with various operating principles (ratchet type or synchronous type).

Our range of KTR-SI Compact safety coupling includes the backlash-free, load-separating safety coupling as a flange type (KTR-SI Compact FT) and load-separating safety coupling with a backlash-free coupling (KTR-SI Compact with ROTEX GS).

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